December 21, 2021

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Fareham Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store Review

Based in the South East of the UK is this gem of a tropical fish store, part of the large well renowned UK chain Maidenhead Aquatics, it certainly doesn’t fall short of the high quality of store you come to expect from such a group.

Location is:

Abbey Garden Centre
Mill Lane
PO15 5RB

This store claims to specialise in planted aquaria however during my visit I would say that it specialises in more than just planted aquaria. Whilst offering a great range equipment and accessories as you come to expect from the Maidenhead Aquatics chain of stores, it also has a wide selection of fish available which caters for many types of hobbyists.


It is clear to see from the display tanks that there is great care taken by the owners of the Fareham Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store. Not only is there a wide range of rift valley cichlids available, there is also all the tropical fish which you would like to see including a few oddballs, L-number plecs and monster fish. There is also a substantial marine section, cold water and ponds also feature in this great all round store.


I recently bought some fish in the Fareham branch of Maidenhead Aquatics and I couldn’t fault the friendly service and spot on advice I received. I left feeling like a valued customer and will certainly return again in the future to experience this level of service alone.

Prices are as you would expect and do not break the bank balance, everyone loves a bargain and I’m sure there are some to be had at the Fareham based store.

I will be back again soon to check out the 3 metre long (1200 litre) display tank which greats you upon entering the store, currently being used as an all male Malawi display tank which is very special.


If you are in the area, definitely take a visit and it would be worth making a sizeable detour if you are near the area in order to visit Maidenhead Aquatics Fareham.