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East Midlands Aquatics Fish Store Review

If you happen to be passing down the M1 around Nottingham it could be worth taking a couple of miles detour to visit East Midlands Aquatics Tropical Fish Store.

Location is:

1 Nottingham Road

When you have found this little gem located in Trowell do not be put off by the quaint location. If you spot the sign then you know you’re in the right place.


There is around 20 tanks in this store and little by way of aquariums or accessories available in store however there are some great fish. When visiting I was told that they were low on stock at the time and more fish were due in next week. The fish which were available were all good quality and cater for tropical fish enthusiasts with the standard fish you’d expect such as tetras and clown loaches. All were very reasonably priced and looked very healthy.


I would recommend  visit to East Midlands Aquatics if you are in the area, it is not part of a huge chain of stores so do not expect the same volume of fish you would in such stores however L-number plecos were plentiful and a clear speciality of this tropical fish shop.