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Cloudy Eye Fish Disease

The causes behind this disease can vary. An increase in parasites in the aquarium is the most common cause but severe stress, old age, or malnutrition can all lead to this condition.


  • The fish eye becomes cloudy almost to the point of whiteness and the fish lose vision


Treating this condition requires an investigation of water quality by means of doing regular water tests with a good quality test kit. Once the water quality is high enough, the fish will usually recover by them selves within 1-2 weeks.


Always ensure your water quality is how it should be for the fish you are keeping and your levels are where they should be with zero ammonia, zero nitrite and low nitrate (around 20ppm or lower).

Tropical Fish Site takes no responsibility for diagnosing the exact problem with your tropical fish, this is purely meant as a guide only. Be sure to look at other common tropical fish diseases to ensure you have made the correct diagnosis as there is often crossover between them.