Upettools Box & Water Aquarium Water Pump Review


As has been the case for some years now, we all want more control of our aquarium equipment and understandably so given the time and financial investment. Especially when we have such good research behind us now about what makes …

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All Pond Solutions Wavemaker WM-2000 Review


All Ponds Solutions have become one of the leading aquarium equipment and accessories manufacturers here in the UK. Their products are often cheaper than many of their competitors, which makes them an ideal purchase for many aquarists. Here I will …

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Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller Review


If you are looking to have a variable current and waves within your aquarium you could consider using a timer switch on the powerheads. Hydor have a great bit of kit which allows you to do just that. Rather than …

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Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation Wave Pump Powerhead Review


The Hydor Koralia Evolution is compact, energy saving , controllable and with amazing never seen before performance powerhead! The exclusive, patented, magnet-suction cup support has been improved becoming also a vibration-absorbing device. The new shaft-less impeller technology guarantees up to …

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Hydor Flo Wavemaker 360deg Rotating Water Deflector Review


The Hydor Flo Rotating Water Deflector solves the age old issue of wanting to recreate natural currents in a fish tank aquarium without wanting to reach your hand in to the tank and move any wavemaker your may have every few …

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