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Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation Wave Pump Powerhead Review

The Hydor Koralia Evolution is compact, energy saving , controllable and with amazing never seen before performance powerhead! The exclusive, patented, magnet-suction cup support has been improved becoming also a vibration-absorbing device.

The new shaft-less impeller technology guarantees up to 20% more water flow with up to 50% less power consumption.


Available in 3 models from 2800 to 5200 l/h (750-1400 g/h), 4 to 5.5W. The following models are available in the UK:

230-240V – 50 Hz
fresh water marine
KORALIA 280042800 l/hfrom 180to 330 lfrom 112to 180 l
KORALIA 40004.54000  l/hfrom 250to  450 lfrom 160to  250 l
KORALIA 520055200 l/h  from 250to 600 lfrom 208to 350 l

Whilst these are the same models and flow ratings, they are different voltage input and available in the U.S. :

115V – 60 Hz


fresh water marine
KORALIA 7504750 gphfrom 50to 90 galfrom 30to 50 gal
KORALIA 105051050 gphfrom 70to 125 galfrom 45to 70 gal
KORALIA 140061400  gphfrom  90to  160 galfrom 55to  90 gal

The range has the following features and benefits:

  • Anti-Vibration System giving you quiet operation
  • Sphere Joint to allow for adjustment of direction flow
  • Magnetic Suction cup attachment means you can use on any aquarium with wall thickness of 10mm or less
  • Shaft-less impeller prevents noise and prolongs the life of the powerhead
  • Timer compatible means it can be connected to a timer switch to allow you to make waves and variable currents
  • Energy saving technology cuts down on your overall cost of ownership and keeps aquarium running cots down
  • Built in fish net guard prevents fish from being sucked up in to the powerhead
  • Works with both marine and freshwater aquariums

I have been using the Hydor Koralia Evolution powerheads for some years now and found them to be efficient and hassle free in operation, not to mention very quiet. I have 4 of the 5200 model in a 7 foot tank which is next to the sofa in the lounge and 2 of the 4000 model in a 4 foot tank behind the sofa and there isn’t a peep out of them and hasn’t been for the time I have been using them.

Installing them in your aquarium is a breeze and takes very little effort. Simply push the powerhead against the glass inside the aquarium where you want it to go and the suction cup should hold it in place temporarily, then place the magnetic section on the other side of the aquarium wall and you will feel it pull itself in to place. Plug it in and away you go!


I would advise not running the powerhead outside of the water, never had a failure yet if this has been done by accident however it is not designed to be used in this way so when performing water changes it is advisable to turn it off if the water level is likely to go below the level of the top of the powerhead.

On occasion, when starting the powerhead back up after turning it off for a water change it may not start straight away. A way around this is to remove the powerhead from the magnetic mounting bracket and giving it  gentle knock underwater whilst it is on. This will free up any waste which may have built up in it and should kick straight in to action again. I don’t see this as a design flaw or an issue at all, it happens very rarely and is a quick fix so don’t in any way let this put you off the product.

Due to the wide dispersion of water current that the Hydor Koralia Evolution powerheads produce they are excellent for surface water agitation to help with oxidising the water as well as helping to increase evaporation for those tanks which may run hot. They could also be directed under the surface however you will need to be careful not to point too far towards the substrate otherwise this will move over time leaving a huge hole and tank base will be exposed.


These powerheads are capable of being run by a controller and at the time of writing, in the UK at least, there is a promotional offer to buy a kit which comprises of the Hydor Smartwave Controller and 2x Hydor Koralia Powerheads. This is an excellent and economical way of buying these powerheads if you are after 2 units as you ultimately get the controller for free! This is excellent value for money because at the standard retail prices the Hydor Koralia Evolution powerheads are already reasonable value for money.

I would highly recommend the use of Hydor Koralia Evolution Powerheads, after years of using them myself I can confirm that they do what they say on the tin and are a solid, reliable and quiet solution.