Tetra Tetramin Tropical Flake Fish Food Review


TetraMin is the worlds best selling tropical fish food providing a staple food for all ornament fish to ensure a long and healthy life. This food is perfect for all community fish tank aquariums. Consists of more than 40 high …

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Tetra Pro Colour Tropical Fish Flake Food Review


Tetra Pro Colour tropical fish flake food offers an advanced daily diet for all tropical fish, with concentrated Energy Crisps. Produced using Tetra’s patented Crisp Technology, for less waste and clearer, cleaner water. Improved digestibility delivers better nutrition compared to …

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Aquarian Tropical Flake Fish Food Review


If you are looking for a great all round flake food for all tropical community fish then Aquarian Tropical Flakes are specially formulated with natural ingredients to meet the unique requirements of healthy tropical fish and are sure to meet …

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Tantora Shrimp Series Dried Leaf Litter Review


I love the Tantora shrimp series, so I’ve decided to review the range of dried leaves. Having several benefits, no drawbacks, and cheaper than competitors, it’s no wonder you can find them on the websites of all the best shrimp …

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Fluval Vegetable Flakes Fish Food Review


As the name would suggest, the Fluval Vegetable Flakes Tropical Fish Food is aimed at tropical fish which primarily have a vegetarian diet such as African cichlids like Tropheus and Mbuna Malawi cichlids. This is part of the new range of …

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Fluval Tropical Flakes Fish Food Review


The well known brand Fluval brings us not only the dry goods and aquariums for all types of fish keeper but also food. Their latest range includes a traditional type of tropical fish food by the name of Fluval Tropical Flakes. …

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JBL Spirulina Fish Food Review


Designed for professional feeding of algae-eating freshwater and saltwater fish is JBL’s spirulina flakes. This fish food is available in 4 different sizes: Content Gross Weight Net Weight Dimensions 100ml 33g 16g 50/85/50 mm 250ml 68g 40g 60/120/60 mm 1000ml 234g …

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JMC Catfish Pellets Review


JMC Catfish Pellets is a type of food i have been using since my first 50 litre tropical tank. JMC Catfish Pellets have been specially formulated for all tropical and cold-water bottom feeding fish like Pictus Catfish, Plecos & Clown …

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