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Tetra Tetramin Tropical Flake Fish Food Review

TetraMin is the worlds best selling tropical fish food providing a staple food for all ornament fish to ensure a long and healthy life. This food is perfect for all community fish tank aquariums.


Consists of more than 40 high quality ingredients for a complete balanced diet. Excellent acceptance by all sizes and types of tropical fish. A low waste formula means cleaner and healthier water. Tetra patented Active Formula reduces stress and improved resistance to disease to ensure you always have healthy active tropical fish.

It is recommended to feed your fish only what they can consume within 5 minutes and to be done once or twice per day and is available in 5 sizes; 20g, 52g, 100g, 200g and 2100g tub.


We don’t have a great deal else to say about the Tetramin tropical flake food from Tetra as it really does do what it says on the tin and we have never experienced anything other than vibrant and healthy fish from using it.