Arnolds Lyretail – Fundulopanchax Arnoldi


Common name: Arnolds Lyretail

Scientific name: Fundulopanchax Arnoldi

Average Adult Fish Size: 2.5 inches / 6 cm

Place of Origin: Mainly restricted to the Niger Delta, Africa.

Typical Tank setup: Well planted aquarium with a lot of hiding places, the more densely planted the better. Good for a planted aquarium due to peaceful temperament.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 20 gallon  /  80 litre

Compatibility: Perfect for the community fish tank although species only nano aquarium would be good.

Temperature: 72 – 82 Deg. F  /  22 – 28 Deg. C

Water chemistry: pH 5.8 – 7.2

Feeding: Killifish will accept most live foods such as brine shrimp, white worms, tubifex, and some dry flake and frozen foods.

Sexing: The males of this species are more brightly coloured than the females.

Breeding: They lay a few eggs each day during the breeding period. They then rest for a while before entering a new breeding cycle. Coconut fibre makes for good breeding substrate. The eggs should be in semi-dry incubation for 6 -10 weeks before hatching. The fry grows very fast and is recommended to feed them on brine shrimp.

Additional Information: Excellent fish where the focus of the aquarium may be plants due to their peaceful nature and interesting behaviour.

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