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All Pond Solutions Fish Tank Heater Review

For the budget heater, All Pond Solutions offer a fantastic product for all your fish tank aquariums whether they are fresh or saltwater.


The specification of this heater is:

  • Completely submersible.
  • Chrome nickel helical heating coil – designed for maximum life and even heating.
  • 2 mm thick shock-resistant glass.
  • Temperature control dial on the top of the heater to change the temperature with ease.
  • Temperature can be adjusted between 20-34 degrees or 65-93 Fahrenheit.

With the cost of the heater very low and it being shipped with a 12 month warranty you really cannot go wrong with this solution.


The range covers all bases with various wattage of heater available (be sure to check out our guide to the correct wattage heater required for your aquarium size):

AH-25 – 25W (Dimensions; Height; 196mm/7.7″, Width; 32mm/1.2″)
AH-50 – 50W (Dimensions; Height; 263mm/10.3″, Width; 32mm/1.2″)
AH-100 – 100W (Dimensions; Height; 305mm/12″, Width; 32mm/1.2″)
AH-200 – 200W (Dimensions; Height; 305mm/12″, Width; 32mm/1.2″)
AH-300 – 300W (Dimensions; Height; 362mm/12″, Width; 32mm/1.2″)


All heaters come with a 2 metre cable and this is our only gripe as you may need the cable to be longer. We’d highly recommend the All Pond Solutions heater and cannot see you having any issues with it as it is accurate and easy to adjust the temperature.