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Interpet Deltatherm Fish Tank Heater Review

Interpet has been at the forefront of aquarium technology for over 50 years and has unrivalled experience in the aquarium heater market, it is therefore not a surprise that the Interpet Deltatherm aquarium heater is the product of choice for many aquarists.

The tropical aquarium heating system is precise and reliable so you can rest assured your fish tank will remain at the temperature you set the heater to.


Available in the range are 25W, 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 300W version of the Deltatherm heater.

Double insulated and fully submersible design gives  peace of mind that this aquarium heater will last for a long time.

Ideal for marine or fresh water fish so it is transferable across all types of fish tank.

We have been using Deltatherm heaters from Interpet for many years now and never experienced breakage or over heating as many budget heaters tend to do when cheap components such as the thermostat break. Therefore a full recommendation is given for this heater range regardless of the types of fish or size of fish tank you’re using. For extra peace of mind you get a 2 year manufacturers warranty with this product too.

Before ordering check our guide to aquarium heater wattage required for your size of fish tank.