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African Arowana – Heterotis Niloticus

African Arowana

Common name: African Arowana

Scientific name: Heterotis Niloticus

Average Adult Fish Size: 39 inches / 100 cm

Place of Origin: Widespread throughout Africa, where it is native to all the watersheds in Sahelo-Sudanese region, Senegal, and Gambia as well as parts of eastern Africa.

Typical Tank setup: A lot of swimming space is necessary. Decorate with rock work, bogwood/driftwood and sturdy plants. Use medium to medium fine gravel as they like to sift through the substrate looking for food.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 55 gallon / 220 litre for juveniles, but a fully grown adult will need an aquarium that is 250 gallon / 1000 litre or larger.

Compatibility: Will eat small fish, so it best kept with fish of similar size. Peaceful, but can be moderately aggressive depending on the individual fish, so tank mates should either be quick, or able to defend themselves.

Temperature: 76 – 84 Deg F /  24 – 29 Deg C

Water chemistry: pH 6.8 –  7.5

Feeding: A plankton and filter feeder and should accept most meaty foods like live worms, small fish, insects and shrimp. Some may wean on to dry foods, but not always.

Sexing: Unknown

Breeding: Unknown

Additional Information: Adequate filtration, a tight fitting lid, and frequent partial water changes are a must.