A Deeper Look In To Loach Fish Species


Often confused with catfish, loaches belong to the family Cobitidae and occur in both tropical and temperate regions. All loaches have barbels around the mouth and, even though it is not always obvious, a spine below each eye. When a …

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Upettools Box & Water Aquarium Water Pump Review


As has been the case for some years now, we all want more control of our aquarium equipment and understandably so given the time and financial investment. Especially when we have such good research behind us now about what makes …

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How Much Salt Should I Add To My Freshwater Aquarium


The practice of adding salt to a freshwater aquarium is one that has been around for quite some time. There are several reasons why sodium chloride (aka table salt or aquarium salt) would be added to a freshwater tank, including …

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Mixed Marine Real Reef Fish Tank Aquarium


Tank Size – 750 litres Fish Kept – 1x Regal Tang 2x Common Clown 1x Yellow Tang 1x Blue Star Leopard Wrasse 4x Blue Star Damsels 10x Lyretail Anthias (2 male and 8 female) 1x Flame Angel 1x Strawberry Basslet …

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Fluval 125L Roma Lightly Planted First Attempt


Tank Size – 125 Litre Fish Kept – Zebra Danios. Leopard Danios. Otocinclus Catfish. X-ray Tetra. Kuhli Loach. Pearl Gourami. Crowntail Betta. African Dwarf Frog. Amano Shrimp. Bamboo Shrimp. Filtration – Fluval 306 with Biohome Ultimate Media Lighting – 10w …

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High Tech Trends In Fish Tanks


Keeping a fish tank can be as simple as a goldfish in a round bowl, or as high tech as a floor to ceiling aquarium built into the wall of a house. But for those aquarists who are fans of …

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Wild Nature Fish Tank Aquarium


Tank Size – 54 litres Fish Kept – Neon tetra (blue and emerald), black mollys, zebra loach, siamese flying foxes, sucking loaches, zebra nerite snails Filtration – All pond solutions 1000Lph Lighting – LED unbranded Heating – 26 degrees Rocks …

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Best Type of Rock for a Marine Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium


With freshwater fish tanks, depending on the fish you’re keeping and biotype there is a chance you’ll have rocks or wood as part of the aquascape for aesthetics. When considering a marine saltwater tank it’s a whole different story and …

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What is a FOWLR Fish Tank Aquarium


Quite simply, FOWLR refers to a marine saltwater tank which has been set up as “Fish Only With Live Rock”. This is often a good way of entering in to the hobby from scratch or if moving from the freshwater …

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Mixed African Cichlid Tank


Tank Size – 180l Fish Kept – Cyrtocara Moorii (blue dolphin) Labidochromis Caeruleus Aulonocara (strawberry peacock) Pseudotropheus (Blue Cobalt) Pseudotropheus Zebra Aulonocara (Peacock) Aulonocara (Blotch) Nimbochromis Venustus (Giraffe) Marylandia Lombardoi Filtration – BioFlow Filter M Lighting – Juwel HiLite T5 …

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