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Amazing Gift Ideas for Fish Keepers

Interior aquarium. A green plant tropical freshwater aquarium

Tired of wondering what to purchase for special occasions and holidays for that person in your life that has everything? Are you always searching for the perfect gift that is practical like a good filtration system or something more sentimental? How about the fact that you go through this each time you need to purchase your gift and you swear to yourself that you will definitely get this under control for the next time you need to purchase a gift?

One suggestion if any of these questions are sounding familiar is to look at that person’s hobbies and interests. Are they interested in reading? How about the fact that they are avid fishkeepers? If they own an aquarium and they are always researching new additions to their tank, whether it be a new lighting system or a new brand of food for the optimal health of their marine friends; you could use this information to give them an amazing gift! It simply requires some research and a budget. Luckily, we have the research part of it covered for you with these amazing gift ideas for fishkeepers!

Low Prices to Moderate Prices

Décor for their aquarium – if they have décor within their aquarium such as plastic rocks, treasure chests, and branches for their fish; you can get them something else to add. Fish love décor because it gives them a place to rest, hide, and play.

Plant life for their aquarium – why not get them aquarium-friendly plants for the tank or even plastic versions? Plant life can increase the amount of oxygen within the aquarium (just remember, they will need a filtration system as algae production can also increase). Fish love plants for the same reasons as décor – resting, hiding, and playing with their fish friends.

Automated feeder – sometimes it can be hard to feed the fish on schedule when you live a busy lifestyle with careers, family obligations, and social commitments. You can gift the fishkeepers in your life an automated feeder that releases a set amount of food into the tank at a predetermined time to make feeding an easy task. It is also perfect for the person who has to travel for long weekends or midway through the week!

Substrate – this is the material that lines the bottom of the aquarium. It can be gravel, rocks, or even sand. Some people use a mixture of all three or they use a substrate that is based on the species of their fish (for example, there is a substrate for your betta fish). Substrate keeps the bottom of the aquarium clean and also gives stability to décor that is added to the tank. It can also be a place for larger marine animals to burrow for rest or hiding time.

Gift basket of goodies – you can make the fishkeeper in your life a gift basket full of goodies. Think water cleansing tablets, fish food, décor, and stick-on LED lighting strips.

Moderate Prices to Expensive Prices

Lighting system – why not give that special someone that LED lighting system that they have had their eye on? A well-maintained aquarium has ample lighting that can be controlled via a switch or timer. A lighting system that dims and brightens to mimic the rising and setting sun is always a good bet as these are some of the most sophisticated lighting systems you can purchase today!

Advanced filtration system – all aquariums need some sort of filtration system to clean the water into the tank of contaminants that can harm the fish. They cleanse the water of waste, food particles, and other debris. They increase and maintain the oxygen levels within the tank and a sign of a good filtration system is when the water of the aquarium is clear.

Thermometer – all aquariums require a particular temperature, whether they are freshwater aquariums, or they are saltwater versions. If the water is too cold or too hot for marine life, it can have dire consequences for them. An aquarium thermometer tests the temperature of the water at any given moment so the fishkeepers can be ensured that the lighting and heating system of the aquarium is functioning properly.

If you can’t decide on what to give the fish keepers in your life – you can always choose a gift certificate to a specialized pet store or exotic fish store. A prepaid credit card is always a safe bet as well!


You don’t need to resort to the typical socks and t-shirt present for that person in your life that is hard to shop for! Use their hobbies and interests instead to find the perfect, amazing, gift for them. For example, fishkeepers are always looking for interesting additions to their aquariums. You can purchase something small and within your budget such as the décor for the tank or if you are willing to spend a bit more – look at the lightening systems discussed above.

Not sure what is the best style or item to purchase for your fishkeepers and their style of aquarium (saltwater, freshwater, mixed species of fish) after reading this post? Consult with the experts at your local pet store or visit online forums to narrow down the most amazing gift you can give!