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What Are The Best Tropical Fish To Keep To Begin With?

When deciding on the best fish to keep in your fish tank to start with there must be a great level of emphasis put on doing your research in to what you aim to end up with and get a plan in place rather than steaming in and buying an expensive fish which will not survive the conditions a new tank can deliver. We have put together tropical fish profiles so you can see what fish are suitable for which types on environment and what they are compatible with to help you along your way.

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A good understanding of the nitrogen cycle and how quickly you should add fish to your new aquarium is certainly the best place to start before working out which fish to keep initially. There are certain starter fish as it where which are very hardy and will be able to speed up the process of the nitrogen cycle and get your tank ready for less hardy fish, one key fish, which was my first tropical fish is the Pearl Danio. This is a hardy fish as it is tolerant of a vast temperature range and will withstand, to some degree, a slight spike in your Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate levels.


If you are still unsure then ask for advice in your local tropical fish store, in the most part they are a valuable resource and can help you to make the right decision and plan the right path to go down to end up with a thriving and healthy tropical home aquarium.