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Tropical Fish Site Reviews Underway

We have finally started to get to a place where we can bring you what we have always been aiming to – reviews. Not only are our reviews completely independent and written from scratch but they aim to give you the information which you really want to know but can’t find anywhere else.

If a product claims to be silent, how silent is it really? If a store has a vast range of awards and rosettes, will it actually be a disappointment or a pleasure when you’ve driven hundreds of miles to get there? All independent reviews are in the words of myself or Tom (AKA Maverick) and all taken from personal experience rather than 2nd or 3rd party information or word of mouth. This will give you a true picture of how we see things and gives a good point of reference to compare various reviews.

If there are any products or stores you really want to see us review then please do contact us and well endeavour to get round to doing so. Enjoy!