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Pond Snail – Lymnaea Stagnalis

Common names: Pond Snail

Scientific name: Lymnaea Stagnalis

Average Adult Size: 2.5inches / 6cm

Place of origin: Europe

Typical tank setup: Lots of plants and wood for grazing and providing cover with slow moving water. Often found in garden ponds.

Recommended min. aquarium capacity: 50 imperial gallons / 220 litres. Better kept in ponds

Compatibility: Community snail, but could be seen as food by large fish

Temp: 65 – 80 Deg F / 18 – 26 Deg C

Water chemistry: ph 6-7.5 Tolerable of a wide range of conditions.

Feeding: Lymnaea Stagnalis’s primary diet is vegetation found in their habitat. They feed on pond and aquatic plants so providing these if keeping these snails is essential.

Sexing: These snails are simultaneously hermaphroditic meaning each snail can function as both sexes but only as one or the other during each mating process.

Breeding: Breeding these snails is relatively easy given a good supply of food and maintaining water quality. They often breed in the garden pond and other slow moving bodies of water.

Additional Information: The Pond Snail is a common species in Europe and is easy to find. In fact if you have a garden pond set up chances are pond snails will be found in it and failing that you can buy them from aquatic stores with relative ease. These are air-breathing snails and adapted to low oxygen conditions in stagnate waters; they actually don’t do well in medium to fast flowing water bodies.

Author: Sina Shakiba