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New Look Faster Tropical Fish Site

After much deliberation and careful thought we decided that it was time to give Tropical Fish Site a slight overhaul and have managed to modernise the site a bit further and tidy things up over the last couple of weeks.

We have tried to add more images and more access to all areas to make using Tropical Fish Site a more user friendly experience including a social media tidy up as well as reviewing what we showed on the sidebars and how you access each area and page.

tfs-header-halfWe have also added a Facebook comment system to allow you to comment straight on to the articles without having to create an account or log in.

There has been a bit of a switch around of the background and header too so it is a little more aesthetically pleasing and some work has been done on the page loading times too so it is a better experience for everyone. We’ve managed to reduce average page load time from over 10 seconds to just over 2 seconds!

We hope you like the new look and feel of Tropical Fish Site and as always welcome your feedback.