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Mixed Pygocentrus (Piranha) Tank


Tank Size – 940L

Fish Kept – 10 x 4 – 8″ pygocentrus nattereri
2 x 11.5 – 14″ pygocentrus cariba
1 x 16+” pygocentrus cariba
1 x 14″ pygocentrus piraya
1 x 12″ common plec

Filtration – 2 x aps 2000ef+ uv externals

Lighting – 2 x twin blue/white led lighting ubits

Heating – 2 x 500w stainless steel heaters

Rocks – coral rock

Plants/Corals – no real plants

Substrate – black gravel and natural silica sand

Description – my large mixed pygo tank (80x24x30″ LxWxH) , all fully built by myself, ive had piranhas for over 12/13 years, wouldnt have anything else if im honest, love em, awesome fish to watch, really quirky personalities, very nervous and skittish fish

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