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Maidenhead Aquatics Continues To Grow

We came across a press release from Maidenhead Aquatics which we thought was worthwhile sharing:

With the opening of our two newest stores in Cheddar and Lechlade, Maidenhead Aquatics has now reached a milestone with over 120 stores across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

From the day we opened our first store in Kings Street in Maidenhead town centre nearly 30 years ago, we’ve firmly believed that one of the key ingredients to our success is employing passionate and dedicated fishkeepers.

Today we employ just under 600 staff and each of them share your enthusiasm for fishkeeping. If you’ve visited more than one of our stores, you’ll know that despite being the UK’s leading and largest chain of aquatic retailers, each branch has its own character and specialities.

Now, nearly 30 years and 120 stores later, we still stand for excellent service and the best advice and we still believe in stores that are staffed “by fishkeepers for fishkeepers”. As for the future, we aim to keep growing as a business and providing for our customers above and beyond their expectations. By being members of OATA and supporting worthy causes such as the Big Fish Campaign, we also aim to keep leading the way in responsible fishkeeping and innovation for many more years to come.”


We have visited many fish stores across the UK, with many being Maidenhead Aquatics branches and all do have their speciality and will appeal to different types of fish keepers.

As I am sure you would agree, Maidenhead Aquatics is the driving force behind Local Fish Stores in the UK at the moment and whether you are a lover or a hater of the chain it has to be commended what they have managed to achieve over the last 30 years.