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Limnophila Aquatica

Limnophila Aquatica

Origin: South-east Asia

Type: Stem

Growth: Fast

Care Level: Medium

Height: 25 cm – 50 cm

Width: 15 cm – 20 cm

Light demands: 0.50 Watt per litre

CO2 demands: 6-14 mg per litre

Description: An extremely beautiful aquarium plant circled by light-green and finely branched leaves from South-East Asia. In the right growing conditions with added CO2 and a nutritious bottom this plant grows fast and can become 25-50 cm long and each stem up to 15 cm wide. In good light it forms horizontal side shoots and becomes attractive and bushy. Most decorative when several stems are planted in a small group. In open aquariums it sometimes sends shoots above the water surface, forming small blue flowers.

Limnophila Aquatica 1