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Java Fern – Microsorum Pteropus

Java Fern

Common Name: Java Fern
Latin Name: Microsorum Pteropus
Plant Form: Rhizome
Sold as: Single plant
Tank Placement: Mid-ground
Max Size: 18 inches
Temperature: 60-86 degrees
pH: 5.0-8.5
Growth Rate: Slow
Propagation: New plants will form on the leaves of bigger plants and fall to the substrate or splitting the rhizome
Planting Location: Tied to rocks or driftwood. Can also be planted in the substrate, but be sure not to bury the rhizome
Lighting: Any
Supplements: None needed, but will appreciate Co2 and liquid fertilizers
Difficulty: Easy
Good for Beginner: Yes

Java Fern is a beautiful addition to the freshwater, planted aquarium. Growing up to 8 inches tall, with creeping, green rhizomes, Java Ferns are well suited
for not only planted aquariums, but also those that contain cichlids and other
large South American fish.

Java fern is a very easy, bright plant. It is very hardy and slow growing. It can be tied to practically anything in the tank, but does best on driftwood. If planting in the substrate, be sure not to bury the rhizome.

The reason I love Java Fern so much is due to the fact fish don’t particularly like eating it. Which means you don’t have to keep going out and buying new plants which can become expensive.

Java Fern 1