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High Tech Trends In Fish Tanks

Keeping a fish tank can be as simple as a goldfish in a round bowl, or as high tech as a floor to ceiling aquarium built into the wall of a house. But for those aquarists who are fans of all types of gadgets, there are many fun and innovative inventions in the world of fish tanks.

Here is a quick rundown from our friends at Aquacadabra, of some of the latest high tech trends in the world of aquatics at the moment, from feeding systems to sensor detectors.

1. Automatic feeding systems
If you are going away on holiday and don’t have anyone to watch the fish for you, then this gadget is ideal. It’s also great if you are just so busy rushing around that your fish risk being forgotten about occasionally!

Automatic fish feeding systems work by releasing only the set amount of food at a required time, which is great for when you are busy or away for a few days. It can also really help to make sure your fish are not being overfed as it will only release the right amount of food.

2. Problem sensors
Some really useful techy gadgets out there are the ones which monitor and detect any problems in your tank environment. The sensors monitor temperature, Ph. levels and chemicals in the water and will send you data daily as well as setting off an alert if there is a problematic change detected.

This means you always have the data to hand to see what is going on in your tank at any one time, and can react quickly if any kind of problem which potentially threatens your fish were to occur.

3. Nutrient monitor
Another really handy gadget which helps fish tank maintenance become more automated is one which monitors the nutrient levels in your fish tank. It then automatically dispenses anything required from liquid feed to trace elements.

4. Smart top-off sensors
These are systems which detect when the water level in your tank is dropping through natural evaporation, and tops up the water automatically, meaning you don’t need to worry about constantly monitoring and topping up the water manually.

5. Nano aquariums
For a real combination of gadget trends and fish tank enthusiasm, check out the latest Nano aquariums. These are miniature, compact, complete systems which are generally used to look after corals and delicate reef life.

All of the equipment required is miniaturised, including the filtration and lighting systems which are all built in.

6. Miniaturised equipment
Following on from the Nano aquariums, the demand for smaller sized aquarium kit and systems generally has forged an increase in the number of miniature gadgets being made available, from automatic water top-up systems to water quality monitors.

The trend now is for the smallest but most effective systems possible to help keep your fish tank running smoothly, safely and unobtrusively.

7. Hand-held water testers
AS well as the decrease in size, many water testing systems have now been developed into easy to use handheld devices, rather than the large industrial-sized systems of before. You can now get laboratory-grade monitors which you can hold with one hand.

8. Energy efficient aquariums
As well as smaller equipment, emphasis now for modern aquarists is kit which runs efficiently and uses the least amount of energy. Newer aquariums are often designed with low wattage LED lighting systems as well as water circulation devices which operate outside of the tank.

9. Smart fish tank systems
We have smartphones and smart TVs so why not smart aquariums? The new generation of fish tank comes with smart equipment which can be programmed and delivers data to you. From heating systems which maintain the water temperature automatically, to digital automatic feeding systems – are fish tanks are now able to run themselves virtually.

10. Aquarium controllers
For the ultimate in fish-tank related gadgetry you have to go for an aquarium controller system, which basically allows you to manage your fish tank from a computer. The smart systems within the tank will relay all the data around lighting levels, pH, oxygen levels, water temperature, back to your computer and you can make any adjustments required with a keystroke. Although for some, this might be taking all the fun out of having a fish tank in the first place.

Fish tank has moved on from being a messy, time-consuming job to potentially being completely automated thanks to the huge developments in technology. From Nano-tanks to aquarium controller systems, there are all kinds of high tech ways to look after your fish.

Ultimately, the gadgets are great for people who want to enjoy their fish tank and benefit from the beauty of a well-kept aquarium but simply don’t have the time for all of the routine maintenance which goes with that.