JBL Manado Aquarium Substrate Review


JBL Manado is the perfect substrate for anyone wanting there aquarium to have an authentic river basin theme. You can buy JBL Manado in the following sizes. 3 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre & 25 litre. JBL Manado is 100% …

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Unipac Coral Sand Aquarium Substrate Review


After trying out various different types of sand and substrate for my home aquarium I always come back to the Unipac Coral Sand. This substrate is perfect for any type of rift valley aquarium, whether you are keeping Tropheus cichlids …

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Building Sand Review


Believe it or not yes this is a review on building sand. It’s not going to be a long review for obvious reasons but I hope it helps. The first questions why everyone will ask is it safe? I would …

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