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Profiles Tropical Plants on Wood

Many tropical plants in their natural habitat will grow with their roots in the substrate however some will be able to grow just as well, if not better if their roots are partially exposed and grow on wood. Lakes and streams will often have fallen trees in them and bogwood is a common type of wood which will sink and is of such a structure that the roots of some tropical plants are able to burrow their way in to the wood and set up camp there.

These profiles of plants on wood give a bit more information about the exact origin of the plants and what conditions are best to keep them in.

Origin: North America Type: Moss Growth: Slow Care Level: Advance Height: 1 cm - 5 cm Width: 0.5 cm -...

Common Name: Java Fern Latin Name: Microsorum Pteropus Plant Form: Rhizome Sold as: Single plant Tank Placement: Mid-ground Max Size:...