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These guides and advice on tropical fish health and disease cover any abnormalities which you may encounter with your tropical fish and how to best approach resolving the problem and treating and curing your fish. The fish we keep are for most of us, primarily for viewing pleasure so it should go without saying but it’s always best to take a bit of time every day to observe your fish and their behaviour and if anything isn’t the same as normal then look in to it further. It is always best to air on the side of caution and prevent things happening before they do happen but it can also be advantageous to act early rather than let nature take it’s course and hope everything ends up ok.

With our guides to fish health and disease we will explain the most common type of disease tropical fish might get and from our experience what the best method of curing this might be. As well as this we have written some articles on how to ensure your fish are kept in good health and therefore are less likely to get any types of disease in the first instance.

We have produced a jump-page to the symptoms of the most Common Tropical Fish Diseases so you can try and work out what the problem may be in an emergency.