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Fish tank aquarium filter media reviews covers everything you might put in to your filtration system to ensure your fish have the correct water parameters to live in. Each type of filtration will have it’s purpose and generally will be designed to eliminate certain harmful and unwanted chemicals from the aquarium water. it is common to change filter media fairly frequently and should it be washed and re-used (as many types are designed to be) you should always ensure that it is washed in fish tank water so as not to shock and kill off any beneficial bacteria which might be growing in it due to sudden temperature changes or water parameter changes.

Filter media will generally be a type of sponge or porous material with the best types having the largest surface area possible. Aquarium filter media is designed to replicate the miles of streams and rocks which natural water runs through and harmful chemicals are removed over the long distance it travels before the area in which fish inhabit these waters in the wild. Filter media should never be seen as a substitute for doing water changes in your fish tank, they simply help slow down the process of the water becoming uninhabitable by taking the edge off and helping to maintain a stable environment.