September 25, 2021

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Profiles Tropical Carpet Plants

Often used to give the planted aquarium a grass or canvas feel are carpet plants. You will see form these carpet plants profiles that they are used frequently to fill in the gaps between taller plants and will normally be short but thick plants which cover much ground but do not grow too high. These are great for corydora types of tropical catfish which can burrow through them finding bits of food which may have made it to the bottom of the fish tank. Carpet plants are often used by the best aquascapers to mark out paths and trick the mind in to thinking a tank may be deeper and to create a much more 3 dimensional are within the planted aquarium.

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  Origin: USA Type: Bottom layer Growth: Slow Care Level: Meduim Height: 3 cm - 6 cm Width: 10 cm...

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Origin: Asia and Europe Type: Stem Growth: Fast Care Level: Medium Height: 2 cm - 5 cm Width: 2 cm...