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Profiles Tropical African Cichlid (Non-Rift)

Although when most people refer to African cichlids they will normally come from the rift valley lakes, primarily Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria. There are also varieties of cichlids from other parts of Africa which are not native to the main rift valley lakes and are often mistaken as being native to South America.

Fish profiles of African non-rift cichlids are covered here to ensure you can make the right choice of fish to keep and ensure they have the best environment to live in the home aquarium.

Common Name: Kribensis, Krib Scientific Name: Pelvicachromis Pulcher Average Adult Fish Size: 3 inches / 8 cm Place of Origin: Nigeria, Cameroon Typical Tank Setup: Heavily... Common name: Red Jewel Cichlid, Jewel Cichlid, Jewelfish, Two-Spotted Jewelfish, African Jewelfish, Blue Jewel, Red Jewel. Scientific name: Hemichromis...