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Can you keep Goldfish in a bowl

So this is technically not a tropical fish but a cold water fish although people often associate fancy goldfish with tropical fish. So this begs the age old question of whether you can and should keep a goldfish in a bowl. The short answer is no! The long answer is that it is possible however highly un-recommended and I’ll give you a little insight as to why.

Gold Fish in a bowl - not recommended!
Gold Fish in a bowl – not recommended!

The standard “bowl” will simply not be big enough to house a goldfish if you want the fish to grow to a healthy adult.

Goldfish, like all fish require good quality water in order to survive as the water is effectively the air they breathe! If the water is unfiltered it will very quickly have nitrate, nitrite and ammonia build up in it which will lead to fatal consequences.

The temperature of the goldfish’s home is also important and although they are quite hardy fish, it’s recommended to have some sort of heater in case the ambient temperature drops drastically.

If you simply like the look and design of having a goldfish in a bowl then there’s a few manufacturers which offer such a system which is healthy and good for the fish such as the Biorb 30 litre aquarium, this is the route we at The Tropical Fish Site would recommend you go down.

Biorb 30 litre tank - recommended for Goldfish
Biorb 30 litre tank – recommended for Goldfish