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Booker Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store Review

One of the smaller branches of Maidenhead Aquatics is located just outside of High Wycombe in Booker garden centre.

Location is:

Notcutts Garden Centre
Clay Lane
Near Marlow

I recall when this store was an independent tropical fish store up until around 2010 and then it was bought up by a Maidenhead Aquatics franchisee and pretty much rebuilt from scratch. Although since it has been bought by this large chain of UK fish shops and been through a few different types of fish and guises over these years, it is now full circle and back where it was when it was an independent fish shop. That is in catering for the general tropical fish keeper who is looking for a strong range of livebearer and community fish.

The dry goods available do vary a fair bit from other stores and although this appears to be a relatively small store, there is a vast range of novelty fish tank ornaments, we were told that whilst most stores have a 1-2 meter bay of them, Maidenhead Aquatics at Booker has a 4 meter bay of these, and they sell well.


On the notion of community and planted tanks there was a solid range CO2 kits and planted tank paraphernalia available in store. Pricing is as you would expect when buying from a store rather than online however the invaluable advice given by the store staff about what is best for your needs certainly offsets this price difference compared to buying online.


There is also a room to the left of the entrance which contains a maze of tanks available for sale and as with many stores, if you need anything in particular and they do not have it in stock, they can certainly order it in for you.

If you are in to keeping pond fish then it could well be worth a visit to Maidenhead Aquatics in Booker, there is a good sized outdoor display pond as well as pond equipment and fish available for sale too.


This is a great tropical fish shop if you want a starter or community tank and can always be sure you will be given the right advice to get you on your way to being a pro in the hobby.