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Beautiful Glowfish Tetra


Tank Size – 28 gallon bowfront

Fish Kept – 5 glowfish tetra. Purple – human torch, blue – Mr.fantastic, orange – the thing, pink –  the invisible woman, green – Hulk. Waiting on a red 🙂

Filtration – tetra whisper 30-60 gal dual sided 330 gph

Lighting – actinic

Heating – 76 degrees

Rocks – no rocks currently

Plants/Corals – No real plants currently, looking into westeria, duckweed, variety of swords. Java fern.

Substrate – 20 lbs black gravel about 4 lbs of neon purple, pink, yellow mixed in.

Description – I will put a max of 10 fish in here all glofish tetra. And watch id love to have 2 of each color, but its more important to me there comfortable, happy, and healthy.



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