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API Quick Start Review

From one of the most highly regarded brands of water treatments to use in fish tanks – API, is the Quick Start fluid which will enable you to effectively cycle your fish tank straight away allowing you to add fish to it straight away.


Whilst we are slightly old school and believe in doing things the old fashioned and patient way, we found that after testing the API Quick Start solution we may have to change our ways. It really does what it says on the tin (as the famous saying goes!) and will cycle your new tank straight away for you bringing the levels of nitrite and ammonia right down as well as stabilising the nitrate level at between 20 and 40.

It does it’s magic in a natural way and contains nitrifying bacteria which massively speed up the process from the expected time scale of 40 days. Not only that but it does this at a low cost and will leave you feeling confident and safe that it is ok to add your first fish to your tropical aquarium.

API also claim it can be used whenever you might see a spike in your water parameters, not just for new aquariums to tackle new tank syndrome so it could always be worth having a spare bottle of the API Quick Start as a “just in case” fail safe should you see your levels spiking, whether this be in freshwater or marine aquariums.

As a guide to the amount that is required, a 237ml bottle will treat around 870 litres (230 US Gallons) so it goes a long way for the cost. It is always advisable to monitor the water parameters for a few days after to ensure it has taken full effect – always best to air on the safe side. Having said that I don’t have a bad thing to say about it and after speaking to others in the trade, they would certainly agree too.