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Amwell Aquatics Epping Fish Store Review

Not too far from the M11 is Amwell Aquatics Epping branch.


Location is:

Happy Grow Nursery
High Road
CM16 6LX

Although during our last visit it appeared the store was being re-fitted in areas, we have been here a few times over the years and was disappointed during this visit to see the massive display tanks behind the counter has now gone. There is no sign of whether this was a temporary closure and making room for something else however it used to be magnificent with some of the largest Clown Loach we have seen in it, not to mention some super monster fish! Let’s hope they plan to go a step further with a new display tank 🙂


This is not to say there weren’t display tanks in there, a rather nice looking Juwel Vision 450 tank was set up as an lake Malawi Haplochromis and Aulonocara tank and was very visually stunning. This brings me on to the dry goods in Amwell Aquatics, Epping, there is a great range and choice of tanks available in store and is clear they are a Juwel specialist with all the spares available on the shelves, this is quite rare to find these days. When it comes to prices, you don’t pay much more than you might if you bought from an online store for dry goods, they are for the most part very reasonably priced.


The low prices of dry goods may be made up for by the fairly steep price of the fish, although great quality fish and all seemed in excellent condition, they did appear a bit over priced compared to others we have seen. By the time you have factored in fuel costs if you were local this may not become much of an issue though. The amount of fish available seemed quite low in comparison to the actual size of store too.


The dry goods selection was vast in comparison to fish selection. Fish on offer were split between the community aquarist, African Cichlid collector and American Cichlid enthusiast so a good range was available. There was even some turtles amid the rack of tanks.


We would certainly recommend a visit to Amwell Aquatics in Epping if you are after well priced dry goods and some healthy useful fish keeping advice.