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All Pond Solutions AP-3 Air Pump Review

All Pond Solutions are one of the leading aquarium accessories retailers in the UK with their products providing a balance of reliability and cost efficiency. Their website and eBay shop have a massive catalogue of all things related to the hobby. Below is a review of one the air pump systems they have available which comes complete with all the necessary accessories such as tubing, non-return valves and air stones.

The All Pond Solutions AP-3 air pump is one of the best options available on the market all things considered. It is extremely quiet and the device itself is very small which means users should have no problems storing it. It is also a bargain, a powerful 180LPH air pump for around £9 so it’s definitely within budget and can be used in small to medium sized aquariums.

A worry for most people is the noise that air pumps generate, which can drive you mad but rest assure that this pump is absolutely silent. I have been using mine for 2 months now and it is as quiet as when it was first bought. This model has a twin outlet system meaning you have 2 pipes blowing bubbles which can be arranged in the aquarium to your liking and both outlets are equally powerful. For smaller aquariums (less than 90L) a better option would be the smaller version of this pump has an output power of 90LPH and is a single outlet unit.

Key features of the AP-3 air pump:

  • Powerful output of 180LPH
  • Twin outlet system
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Comes complete with air stones, piping and non-return valves
  • Runs in complete silence

The pump performs best if situated above water level and helps prolong it’s life as well as stop water returning back up the pipe. However, I understand that may not be an option some aquarists so if storing the pump below water level then make use of the non-return valves provided.


This is probably the best option when it comes to an all round product suitable for the majority of aquariums, which tend to fall between 90-180L in capacity. It is very powerful and it’s twin outlets help spread the oxygen around and cause surface agitation, it is small and quiet and you are getting all of that at around £10 per unit. For aquariums smaller than 90L All Pond Solutions have the smaller AP-1.5 model available with an output of 90LPH. If your aquarium is on the larger side I recommend going for other options on the market such as the Fluval Q2.