Fluval AquaPlus Water Conditioner Review


Fish keepers whether new or experienced will have become familiar with the Fluval brand and all the different products they have to offer. Fluval (by Hagen) have come to be known for reliability and quality, traits which they have managed to …

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API Quick Start Review


From one of the most highly regarded brands of water treatments to use in fish tanks – API, is the Quick Start fluid which will enable you to effectively cycle your fish tank straight away allowing you to add fish …

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Tetra Aqua Safe Water Conditioner Review


We all know doing water changes is a vital part of fish keeping. When doing water changes I would always recommend using RO water (Reverse Osmosis water). However it’s not the most convenient way of doing water changes. Well why can’t I …

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Waterlife Octozin Hole In The Head And Bloat Treatment Review


Waterlife bring to us a treatment by the name of Octozin which can be used to treat the following diseases found in tropical fish: Sleeping sickness Hole-In-The-Head Malawi bloat Seawater Angelfish disease and Clown fish disease Marine whitespot Spironucleus Cryptobia …

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API Stress Zyme+ Review


I brought this for my South American aquarium because I was suffering with green algae wanting to grow on my glass and my plants at a rate I couldn’t control with weekly maintenance.  I was very sceptical of using this …

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