Why all the Ash in Tropical Fish Food

Why is it you all ways find Ash as an ingredient in fish food?


Well the good news it is not same Ash you find in your fireplace.  Its the name just given to the miscellaneous products added after or created during the process.

Well this is how the process goes. When all the high quality ingredients are mixed together, they will rarely will stick together in a pellet or flake on their own.  This is where plant oils and proteins are added. They soak into the food, and then this mixture is cooked. The cooking binds everything together, but the cooking process does overcook some food or singe parts of it.

This percentage that gets damaged is called ash, and it is kind of a uncertain what exactly it is.  But it is undigestible filler. The ash is a result of cooking quickly at very high temperatures.  Some of the food with lower ash contents have been cooked more slowly.

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