Diagnosing and Treating Algae in Tropical Aquariums


The most carefully tended tropical aquarium can still fall prey to algae, which can quickly overwhelm the tank. Left unchecked, algae saps vital nutrients from the water and can stop oxygen and light from reaching other plants and fish. In …

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Choosing An Aquarium Substrate


These days there is an abundance of choice when it comes to aquarium substrate. From sand to gravel and soils, all have benefits depending on the type of fish and tank you keep. Swell UK has a wide range of …

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Types of Algae Growth found in the home aquarium


There areĀ 7 main types of algae (but more do exist) that aquariums can have. Brown algae This will probably be the first type of algae any one will encounter in the aquarium and could appear from early on and will …

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Substrate for the aquarium fish tank


The importance of the right substrate is often overlooked when setting up an aquarium. There are many different types and sizes available but which should you go for? Here are a few of the options available and things to consider …

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