Tiger Peckoltia – Panaque sp L002


Common name: Tiger Peckoltia, L002 Scientific name: Panaque sp L002 Average Adult Fish Size: 5 inches / 12 cm Place of Origin: South America: Pará, Rio Tocantins at Cametá, Brazil Typical Tank setup: A dimly lit tank with lots of cover …

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All Pond Solutions Fish Tank Heater Review


For the budget heater, All Pond Solutions offer a fantastic product for all your fish tank aquariums whether they are fresh or saltwater. The specification of this heater is: Completely submersible. Chrome nickel helical heating coil – designed for maximum …

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Red Oscar – Astronotus Ocellatus


Common Name: Red Oscar, Oscar Scientific Name: Astronotus Ocellatus Average Adult Fish Size: 12 – 14 inches / 30.5 cm – 35.5 cm Place of Origin: Oscars are native to Brazil, French Guinea, Columbia, and Peru and occur frequently in …

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240 Litre Malawi Aquarium


Tank Size – Fluval Roma 240 (240 litres) 4 foot Fish Kept – Variety of African Cichlids form lake Malawi Filtration – 2x Fluval 405 filters Lighting – Standard T8 Fluval Roma tank lighting Heating – 2x 300w heaters (one …

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Red Spotted Green Discus – Symphysodon Aequifaciatus sp.


Common Name: Red Spotted Green Discus, Discus Scientific Name: Symphysodon Aequifaciatus sp. Average Adult Fish Size: 8 inches / 20 cm Place of Origin: Amazon basin of S. America Typical Tank Setup: Well planted with driftwood / bogwood and some …

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What Are The Benefits Of Optiwhite Aquarium Glass


If you have or are considering the route of buying a custom made fish tank you will often be faced with the decision of whether to go for Optiwhite glass or not. To give you some background on what this …

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Nymphoides sp. ‘Taiwan’


Origin: Asia Type: Bulbs and Tubers Growth: Fast Height: 15cm – 25cm Width: 10cm Lighting Demands: 0.25 watt per litre CO2 Demands: 3 – 5mg per litre Description: Nymphoides sp. grows in Asia and Africa – this variant of the …

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Aquarist Classifieds Review


Technically not a fish store with bricks and mortar or even an online store however it seems to be quite prominent in the UK fish keeping community as a good place to find new and second-hand fish keeping items and …

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Do I Need a UV Steriliser On My Fish Tank Aquarium


Ultra Violet or UV Steriliser are used fish tank aquariums to help remove unwanted free floating algae, parasites and bacteria from both freshwater and marine aquariums. A UV (Ultra Violet) light will alter and disrupt the cellular structure of living …

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UK Aquariums Ltd Aquarium Review


If you are looking for a custom glass home aquarium in the UK there are only a few mainstream places which will do the job for you, one of which is UK Aquariums Ltd. You may have also come across …

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