Illegal fishing is a problem in Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

Illegal fishing is a problem in the Lake Malawi National Park, but is there good news for conservation in the area?

Lake Malawi has more freshwater fish than anywhere else in the world. The Lake Malawi National Park was founded in 1980 and comprises the Cape McClear area, the Maleri Islands, and a few of other islands in the southern part of the lake.

Fishing is banned within 100 metres of the shore in the National Park, collecting aquarium fish for export is strictly forbidden. However, it is nearly impossible to police local fishermen fishing illegally, especially at remote, uninhabited islands.

I feel it is important the authority’s try there best to step up the policing of the area. Keeping parts of the lake free from fishing will help build and maintain a eco system which will let fish flourish.

When we hear more on what’s going on we will pass on the facts.

Lake Malawi 1

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