Enantiopus Kilesa – Enantiopus sp. Kilesa


Common name: Enantiopus Kilesa

Scientific name: Enantiopus sp. Kilesa

Average Adult Fish Size: 15cm / 6 Inches

Place of Origin: Lake Tanganyika

Typical Tank setup: Large rocky Tanganyika biotype tank with plenty of fine sand

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 240 Litres

Compatibility: Other peaceful Tanganyikan species such as Xenotilapia, Cyprichromis, Cyatopharynx

Temperature: 24-27 Deg C / 74-79 Deg F

Water chemistry:  pH 7.6-8.6

Feeding: Brine shrimp, daphnia and cyclops. Also quality flakes and small pellets or grains can be fed. Avoid overfeeding, as this will cause diseases.

Sexing: Males tend to be larger and more colourful

Breeding: Mouthbrooders, the males will dig a pit by piling up sand in small perfectly laid out piles around the pit and perform the common cichlid shimmer and colour up to attract a suitable female.

Additional Information: Currently restricted to the shore to the west of lake Tanganyika between Kavala and Kalemie.

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