Diagnosing and Treating Algae in Tropical Aquariums


The most carefully tended tropical aquarium can still fall prey to algae, which can quickly overwhelm the tank. Left unchecked, algae saps vital nutrients from the water and can stop oxygen and light from reaching other plants and fish. In …

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How To Promote Algae Growth In The Home Aquarium


Roughly 90% of the time (if not more) you would want to reduce the amount of algae growth, however i want to look at how to promote algae growth in your fish tank. Although this may seem like an odd …

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How Long Should Aquarium Fish Tank Lighting Be Kept On For?


Fish tank aquarium lighting is only for our use and pleasure. It is not necessary for the fish to have lighting. They tend to colour up a bit more and it is more aesthetically pleasing for us to have lighting …

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Controlling algae growth in the home aquarium


Algae of one form or another will almost always be in an aquarium, but it can usually be well controlled with a few simple steps. Most commonly it is caused by excessive nitrates and/or phosphates in the water, incorrect lighting, …

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Types of Algae Growth found in the home aquarium


There areĀ 7 main types of algae (but more do exist) that aquariums can have. Brown algae This will probably be the first type of algae any one will encounter in the aquarium and could appear from early on and will …

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